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Effortlessly generate, edit and create Compliance documents! Fully editable templated RAMS, policies, and toolbox talks for free with our document generators

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Create, Generate and edit company policies with the policy generator

Company Policies Creator

Streamline your company policy creation with our Policy Generator, offering customisable templates for effortless compliance and professional document development.

Create and generate toolbox talks using our toolbox talk generator

Toolbox Talk Creator

Elevate workplace safety with Our Toolbox Talk Creator, featuring easy-to-customise templates for engaging and informative safety briefings.

Create detailed risk assessments using our risk assessment generator

Risk Assessment Creator

Optimise risk management with our Risk Assessment Creator, providing intuitive templates for comprehensive and compliant safety evaluations

Create a Free Risk Assessment Using Our Risk Templates offers a sophisticated Risk Assessment Generator that caters to sectors such as construction, healthcare, and logistics, simplifying the process of creating comprehensive risk assessments. Our platform features customizable risk templates that come pre-filled with defined risks and specific control measures, allowing for the addition of custom risks tailored to your needs. One of the standout features is the ability to upload your organization’s logo, enabling you to brand each risk assessment, ensuring they not only meet but exceed professional and recognizability standards.

Key functionalities include an intuitive auto risk calculation that adjusts likelihood and severity to automate the assessment process, alongside a convenient save/load feature for managing assessments over time. E-sign capabilities expedite the approval process, ensuring quick implementation of safety measures. Furthermore, our platform supports the generation of detailed reports in both printer-friendly PDF and comprehensive HTML formats. By aligning with government, HSE guidelines, and ISO standards, is dedicated to assisting health and safety professionals, business owners, and compliance officers in enhancing safety protocols and regulatory compliance.

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Risk Assessment Generator Features:

Risk Templates

Pre filled and defined editable risks with specified control measures

Auto Risk Calculation

Ajust your likelihood and Severity and let our calculator do the rest!

Save / Load Feature

Save your assessment to your device and load them up to modify and review

Upload your Logo

Upload your logo and branding to the assessment

E Sign Signatures

Sign and approve your assessment straight from the application.

Download Reports

You can create a printer friendly PDF document or create full HTML Report

Streamline Your Compliance: The Ultimate Policy Generator

At, we are dedicated to facilitating the development of both general company and health and safety policies with our comprehensive range of fully customisable policy templates. Our platform is meticulously designed to uphold stringent health, safety, and corporate governance standards, ensuring adherence to ISO regulations, government guidelines, and beyond. Equipped with built-in document control and instant PDF generation, our tools offer a streamlined process for creating, customising, and distributing professional-standard policy documents across all facets of your organisation.

Our intuitive interface and detailed step-by-step guidance empower health and safety professionals, business owners, and compliance officers to efficiently craft bespoke policies tailored to their specific organisational needs. By leveraging, you gain access to an essential toolkit that not only conserves valuable time but also significantly enhances your workplace’s compliance posture and safety standards. Join a growing community of professionals who have already transformed their policy management practices through our accessible, innovative document generation tools.

Enhance Safety Communication with Our Toolbox Talk Templates and Creator

At, our Toolbox Talk Templates and Creator tool is expertly designed to enhance workplace safety communication through easily accessible and customisable toolbox talk templates. This innovative platform supports health and safety professionals, site managers, and team leaders in efficiently creating engaging toolbox talks that address a broad spectrum of safety topics—from workplace hazards to safety best practices.

Our tool simplifies the development of toolbox talks, making it easier to engage your team with relevant and up-to-date safety information. With features like instant PDF generation for easy distribution, built-in document control for seamless updates, and a comprehensive, continuously updated library of topics, we ensure your toolbox talks are both compliant with the latest regulations and tailored to your team’s needs.

Leverage the Toolbox Talk Templates and Creator to foster a culture of safety and awareness within your organisation. By providing essential knowledge in a user-friendly format, you’ll enhance the effectiveness of your safety communication, contributing to a safer and more informed workplace environment. Join the growing number of professionals who rely on our platform to support their safety initiatives.