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Create a Free Risk Assessment Form using our Risk Templates

In the fast-paced world of business and construction, managing risk efficiently and effectively is paramount. introduces an innovative Free Risk Assessment Generator tailored for sectors such as construction, healthcare, and logistics. This cutting-edge tool streamlines the creation of meticulous risk assessments, ensuring your organization adheres to the highest standards of safety and compliance. With our sophisticated platform, crafting a free, customized risk assessment has never been easier or more accessible. Get started today and begin creating free risk assessment forms for your business.

Create a Free Risk Assessment Using Our Risk Templates

Discover how our Free Risk Assessment Forms Generator streamlines the creation of detailed risk assessments tailored to key industries such as construction, healthcare, and logistics. With customizable templates and automatic risk calculations, our tool is designed to enhance your safety protocols and compliance with the latest regulations, simplifying the process of creating comprehensive risk assessments. Our platform features customizable risk templates that come pre-filled with defined risks and specific control measures, allowing for the addition of custom risks tailored to your needs. One of the standout features is the ability to upload your organization’s logo, enabling you to brand each risk assessment, ensuring they not only meet but exceed professional and recognizability standards.

Key functionalities include an intuitive auto risk calculation that adjusts likelihood and severity to automate the assessment process, alongside a convenient save/load feature for managing assessments over time. E-sign capabilities expedite the approval process, ensuring quick implementation of safety measures. Furthermore, our platform supports the generation of detailed reports in both printer-friendly PDF and comprehensive HTML formats. By aligning with government, HSE guidelines, and ISO standards, is dedicated to assisting health and safety professionals, business owners, and compliance officers in enhancing safety protocols and regulatory compliance.

Risk Assessment Generator Features:

Risk Templates

Pre filled and defined editable risks with specified control measures

Auto Risk Calculation

Ajust your likelihood and Severity and let our calculator do the rest!

Save / Load Feature

Save your assessment to your device and load them up to modify and review

Upload your Logo

Upload your logo and branding to the assessment

E Sign Signatures

Sign and approve your assessment straight from the application.

Download Reports

You can create a printer friendly PDF document or create full HTML Report

Revolutionary Risk Assessment Generator

Customisable Risk Templates at Your Fingertips

Our Risk Assessment Generator is designed to simplify your risk management process. With customizable templates pre-filled with defined risks and specific control measures, you can adapt the content to fit the unique needs of your project or organization. This flexibility ensures that you’re always prepared, no matter the scenario. You can choose from over 100 predefined risks, risk ratings and controls measures which are fully customisable to suit your needs.

Intuitive Auto Risk Calculation

Bid farewell to manual calculations. Our auto risk calculation feature automatically adjusts likelihood and severity, streamlining the assessment process. This innovative tool allows you to focus more on implementing safety measures rather than getting bogged down in the details of risk calculation.

Risk Assessment Form Auto Risk Calculation using our free risk assessment templates

Enhancing Professionalism and Efficiency

Elevate Your Brand with Customizable Documents

Incorporate your organization’s logo directly into each risk assessment. This feature not only enhances the professionalism of your documents but also boosts their recognizability, aligning with your branding strategy and ensuring that your safety protocols are both effective and reflective of your corporate identity.

Customisable Risk Assessment Form Upload Your logo and branding

Expedited Approval with E-Sign Capabilities

Our platform’s e-sign capabilities facilitate a faster approval process, enabling the swift implementation of necessary safety measures. This efficiency ensures that you can quickly respond to any risk assessments, maintaining a safe and compliant environment.

Risk and Control Measures Templates

Choose From Over 100 Risk Assessment Templates

Create your risk assessment in minutes with our free templated risk and control measure templates. The Risk templates include specified control measures with likelihood and severity initial risk rating and controlled risk ratings, that can be adjusted and customised to suit you needs! 

Create your own Risk Assessment Form Templates

Create your own risk assessment form templates using our save and load feature. Simply create your risk assessment, use our save option and reload it and modify it at any time with the online generator. Creating risk assessments has never been so easy!

Advanced Reporting and Compliance

Alignment with Regulatory Standards is committed to ensuring that our platform meets and exceeds the latest government, HSE guidelines, and ISO standards. Our dedication to compliance assists health and safety professionals, business owners, and compliance officers in maintaining the highest safety protocols and regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Reporting for Informed Decisions

Generate detailed reports in both printer-friendly PDF and comprehensive HTML formats. These reports are designed to provide you with all the information needed to make informed decisions about safety measures and risk management strategies.

Available Risk and Control Measure Templates